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Human Warrior

1. Read the standard rules for character generation.

2. Assign your bonuses as you see fit.

3. Record them onto your character record sheet.

(It's easiest to print out the character record sheet below, then fill it out whilst looking at the standard rules.)

Stat: Basic score Bonuses Special
Strength 2 NA
Agility 1 NA
Intelligence 0 NA
Movement 0 NA -1 (leather armour)
Defense 1 NA +2 (shield, leather armour)
Melee OB 2 -1 (warhammer)
Missile OB 1 Bow
General 0
Subterfuge 0 -1 (leather armour)
Perception 0
Magical -2 -1 (shield)
Endurance 50 NA


Warhammer, leather armour, shield, bow + 12 arrows, backpack

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