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Character generation

Each character race in Middle Earth has 12 stats these are:

Strength:- This reflects how strong your character is.

Agility:- This measures how nimble and agile your character is. Stitching a wound and balancing atop a wall are easier tasks for an agile character.

Intelligence:- This determines the mental capabilities of your character.

Movement:- This indicates how far and fast a character can move.

Defense:- This is a reflection of how easily your character can avoid attacks.

Melee OB:- (skill) This determines your characters ability to attack in hand-to-hand combat.

Missile OB:- (skill) This is a measure of your characters ability to attack over distance using missile weapons.

General:- (skill) This skill is used when your character performs general activities like climbing, fishing, etc.

Subterfuge:- (skill) This is used when your character is trying to move without being seen or heard.

Perception:- (skill) This determines how much information your character gains through observation and exploring.

Magical:- (skill) This reflects your characters ability with magic and spells.

Endurance:- This how much damage your character can take before falling unconcious, and inevitably, dying.

Assigning skill bonuses

You start with the basic skill score for your character and get six +1 bonuses to assign to your skills. Each bonus applied to a skill will increase it's value by one. You can assign up to three +1's to a skill. Any skills that don't receive a +1 bonus, recieve a -2 bonus(?). If your magic bonus is +1 or higher, you can learn spells. The score for each bonus is equal to skill+bonuses+special(armour, weapons, etc.)


You can carry pieces of equipment equal to 6 + (3*strength). This include up to 3 weapons. You may only carry one suit of armour at any one time (either wearing it or carrying it).

Weapons and bonus to damage

Sword +1

Mace +2

Spear +0

Dagger -1

Warhammer +2

Battle-axe +2

Quarterstaff +1

Two-handed sword (not for hobbit) +3

Bare-handed -3

Magic in Middle Earth

If your magical score is +1 or higher you can learn spells. Unless stated elsewhere, each spell lasts one turn

For every +1 bonus that you don't assign to a skill, you can learn two spells. Magic tires the caster, therefore for every spell you cast you lose points from your endurance. The amount follows the spell name.

Strength(5) This doubles the amount of damage given in melee rounds.

Shield(4) This increases the recipients defense by +2. This spell fails if the recipient is already using a shield.

Camouflage(3) This increases the recipients subterfuge skill by +2.

Item analysis(3) Touching an item while casting this spell will enable the caster to know what it is.

Healing(4) Casting this will give the recipient 5 extra point of endurance (up to the maximum).(permanent)

Fire bolt(6) This can be used in combat and gives a *lot* of damage to the recipient. (works once per turn)

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