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Lore - played by Paul Tseng (

Lore is a 20 year old elven bard. Like his brethren, he is lanky build and good disposition. Though by no means handsome, Lore is good-natured and is pleasant to look upon. A bit of a rebel, Lore favors the free flow of his long dark mane instead of a well-groomed look. Like all elves, he prefers the traditional sylvan garb and finds himself at peace in the surrounding of nature. Lore may look frail and weak, but he has a fierce heart to make up for any physical lacking. For a picture of Lore, click here

Gwinn - played by Timothy Drisdelle (

Gwinn is a 26 year old human ranger of the dunedain bloodline. She has long red-blonde hair in one thick braid woven with a strip of colored cloth, piercing green eyes, freckles, and is attractive but not gorgeous appearance, rugged and serious looking, well built body, 5'11" tall. She is dressed in leather armor and wears a heavy green cloak and a rugged brown shirt with high leather boots. Her clothing is worn and dirty in general with visible tears in cloak and shirt, stains from blood and dirt, nothing fancy, more of a practical and useful nature. For a picture of Gwinn, click here

Nain - played by Richard Sagely (

Nain is 42 years old with brown hair and amber eyes. Nain's beard has been allowed to grow and is forked and braided. Nain's beard is tucked into his belt with slack to allow for sudden movement. Nain is wearing brown leather boots. One could tell be the jingling that Nain wears chainmail with forearm braces. Around his waist his a brown leather belt and he is currently wearing a blue cloat along with a blue cap.

Sam - played by Matt Schuler (

Sam the Hobbit Scout. Sam Broden is what one would refer to as being normal for a hobbit, apart from his recent desire to start adventuring in Middle Earth. This could be something to with his great uncle being a Took. His friends and relatives are starting to get a little worried about him, and think he's rather queer. For a picture of Sam click here

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