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Hobbit Scout

Hobbits (or halflings) are a small people skilled in the art of going unseen and unheard. They are agile and quite perceptive and can often be overlooked because of their height. If you want to be a Hobbit then click here

Human Warrior

Humans in Middle Earth are much like those in our world, except that they are stronger because of the combats that they train for. The strongest class of human must be the warrior as their whole life is devoted to combat. If you want to be a human warrior then click here

Dwarven warrior

Dwarves are the hardiest of the free peoples of Middle Earth. They might be smaller than humans, but that is made up with their ability to go unseen more easily. If you want to be a dwarf then click here

Human ranger

Rangers are the most skilled in the wilderness. Their ability to track almost anyone makes them a respected member of any party. If you want to play a ranger then click here

Elven bard

Elves are the firstborn and greatly honoured by the gods. For this reason they are able to call forth powers not of Middle Earth and use them to cast magical spells. They lose ability, however, in the field of strength as they must forsake all combat training to concentrate on learning magic. If you want to be an elven bard then click here

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Links Players Moves