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Middle Earth

Middle Earth is the world featured in JRR Tolkien's books, The Silmarillian, The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. For a map of Middle Earth, see the links section and visit the Tolkien art site. There are a number of different maps there, ranging in quality and size. I rather like the War in Middle Earth map, though it is a 2MB download!

Middle Earth is an amazing and mysterious place, but it can also be extremely dangerous. There are dark airless forests and winding underground passages and caves. There are citadels and cities, villages and towns, strongholds and dungeons. There is an assortment of creatures, some evil and some good. There is also an evil presence to the East.

Important places in Middle Earth


This is the realm of the lord of the Nazgul, the Witch King of Angmar.


This is the great river that Isildur lost the One-Ring in. It slipped from his finger and was found by a creature of a hobbit like race called Deagol.

Barad Dur

The dark tower of Mordor which is Saurons, The Lord of the Ring's, evil domain.


This is a rock which near, Beorn the shape shifter lives. In great rage he can turn into a giant bear.

Dead Marshes

These lie to the west of where the Battle of Dagorlad was fought. Within them the bodies of those who fell can be seen, along with strange candles.

Dimrill Dale

This is a valley to the east of the Misty Mountains where the ancient Dwarven mines of Khazad Dum lie.

Dol Guldor

This is an ancient stronghold of Sauron. It is in the South end of Mirkwood.


The Lonely Mountain to the East of MIrkwood where the Dragon Smaug lived until he was killed by a company of 13 adventurers.


A great forest to the south of Lorien where the tree shepherds, the Ents live.


The southern kingdom of Middle Earth founded by the Dunedain in the Second Age.

Helms Deep

A refuge in a gorge cut by the Deeping Stream. The fortification, The Hornburg has never been taken in the history of men.


A village in The Shire.


A giant ring of rocks surrounding the huge black stone tower of Orthanc. This is where Saruman the White resides.


The country between the great river Anduin and the mountains of Mordor.


The realm of the elven rulers Galadriel and Celeborn and their people. Strange reports of Lorien are reported and it is generally feared.

Minas Morgul

One of the gateways into Mordor.


A huge forest to the east of the Misty Mountains. It is the realm of the Wood Elves, and to the South Dol Guldor.

Misty Mountains

A huge range of mountains to the North of Gondor, running all the way up to Angmar. Underneath them is a Goblin town, and through them runs the twisting passages of Khazad Dum.


The black land of Mordor. Nothing grows there, save huge thorn plants, and is the realm of Sauron and his followers.

Old Forest

A forest in the Shire, where resides Tom Bombadill.


The last homely house east of the sea. It is the home of Elrond Halfelven.


The rolling grasslands that form the kingdom of the horse-lords, the Rohirim.

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