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Basic game mechanics

Orthanc is based on a cut down version of MERP and the rules side of the gane is controlled by me. This means the gane will be fair, and it will allow you to concentrate on the game and not a table of numbers.

Joining the game

Do you really want to join the game? Can you really afford the time? This game will the amount of time you think it will *and* more. Think carefully. If you can spare the time then please see the section on signing up.

If you can't take the time, then do feel free to follow the story. Check out the moves page as this will contain all of the turns that have happened so far in the game.

The Turn System

Orthanc is played using a turn system whereby each player sends in the actions that they want their character to perform in that round. The results of that turn are then organised and calculated and a response is sent out to the players. Ditto

The players are encouraged to communicate with each other so they can perform more complex maneuvers, solve puzzles together, and mainly to make a more realistic interaction between characters. The turns are sent out on Monday and the players send in their responses on Friday (or before) This gives you 5 days to communicate with the other players and to decide upon their actions.

The players are encouraged to pad out their responses to the turns, so as to avoid very linear "I get the sword then I kill the troll and take his gold." responses. If more descriptive terms are used, then I will be able to include more details of the situation in the turns.


The game is more about the characters, so there will be infrequent combat (it usually makes this type of game *very* slow) and the combat that does occur will be resolved very quickly.

Secret stuff

The information submitted in turns can be of two formats. There are public moves and secret moves. Public moves are those that the group know you are doing, whereas secret ones are only known to you and me. For example a public move would be trying to climb a tree to get a view of the landscape, and a secret move would be trying to steal your companians purse of gold (not that this is condoned!!)

What do I send to who?

Responses to the posted turn should be sent to my e-mail address (listed in the signing up area) with details of what your character is doing. Any conversations between players, relevant to the game eg. players deciding what to do, should be cc'd to me so I can have some idea of what is going on. Any secret moves should be sent to me *only* so that none of the other players know what you are doing.

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