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Turn #6

Sam is quick to respond. "We must go after these orcs. We need to get the child back. The orcs must pay!"

Sam turns to Brynn and says "Keep an eye on these bandits and make sure they don't run away. We will be back when we get the orcs."

With these words he starts to leave the building. Nain runs after Sam and drags him back. Lore says calmly to him, "Have patience my dear hobbit for prudence is the better part of valor."

Nain says to Brynn, "Don't worry. We plan on tracking and following the orcs back to their hole, but first we had to drop off the bandits, get some food and rest."

Lore holds Brynn in a penetrating glance. "There may be more devious plotting than the mere kidnapping. Please tell us whatever information you may have - even the seemingly small and trivial."

Nain adds "Yes, this orc chieftain seems very interested in your boy for some reason. Is there anything unusual about him? Have any strange visitors come by your village of late?"

Brynn says to you, "Well now I think of it the boy and his father came here about 4 years ago. I was told by his parents that the boy wasn't actually their natural son and that they were his adoptive parents. I don't see if this will have any effect on the situation? As for any strangers recently, we are a quiet village and the last lot of vistors was a party of explorers from Rivendell about 4 months ago."

After your converstation with Brynn, he tends to your needs. You are fed and have a few hours rest to recover form your travels. When you have finished resting, you gather some food that the villagers have kindly donated to you and you resume your course of action.

You follow the same trail as before with Gwinn leading the way. She is able to read the tracks well because of the sunny weather and before long she stops, turns round and tells everyone to be quiet. "Look," she says pointing to a small shape lurking in the trees. You look closer and the shape reveals itself to be an orc. It seems that you have stumbled upon their camp at last.