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Turn #5 - Welcomes

Lore advises Nain and Sam to confiscate any weapons that the humans might have left, and to tie them up with ropes. Lore then stands aside to guard Sam and Nain.

Gwinn also stands aside to guard them and says after peering into the forest, "You know, these men will only be executed when we bring them back to Rilwell...."

While Gwinn waits, she takes the opportunity to survey the orcs tracks and tries to assess the weather forecast for the day ahead. Afterwards she resumes her relentless stare into the forest.

Nain says to the humans, "I suggest if anymore of you have hidden weapons, you throw them out now and Sam adds, "Then lie face down on the ground." The men appear to have no more weapons, so Nain surveys the site and conveniently finds a length of rope that should cover all of the men. Nain proceeds to tie their wrists up with the assistance of Sam.

Lore says, "My friends, as the village is only a short while away, I think it would be prudent to bring these prisoners back to the village to stand trial. It is a fate most deserved for these amoral brigands."

Nain nods his head in agreement, but contributes, "I hate to let these orcs get any further ahead of us than they are already, but you do make good sense. After all if we didn't take the bandits back for trial, we would have to leave them here or kill them. I much prefer to take them back.

Lore adds morbidly, "I think this will be no doubt a long and dangerous day and we must be ready to go wherever the chase takes us."

After surveying the scene, Gwinn notices the orc tracks well trodden into the ground, making a very easy to follow trail. This goes well in hand with the weather she predicts as she forecasts that it will be dry, but overcast for at least the next day or two.

Lore has one last look around and suddenly breaks into a broad smile. Sam is sitting against a large tree rubbing his stomach. "I'm sure our hobbit friend here is more than a trifle hungry for I have never known a hobbit who did no have six meals a day. If I am not mistaken, Sam would have breakfast and lunch at the same time!"

You set off back through the forest, following the same trail as you used to enter the forest with, pushing the reluctant bandits ahead of you. As you start to enter broad daylight again, you notice that the drizzle has stopped as Gwinn predicted. You head back to Rilwell with no distractions.

The sky is getting gloomy by the time you reach the outskirts of the village and you notice that the rebuilding project seems to have been successful so far. One of the large barns up ahead, appears to have been temporarily converted into a huge hall for everyone to live in until the buildings are finished. Some of the other buildings have a wooden framework supporting them while they are being rebuilt. Without further ado you make for the barn.

As you enter you can smell cooking. Everyone is sat around a huge charred table obviously salvaged from the inn. Brynn the village leader stands up. "Welcome!" he says.

"Are these some of the criminals responsible for the raid?", he gestures towards your prisoners. When you confirm his train of thought, he says to you, "I think I know one of the ways to make them pay for their terrible deeds before we really punish them. Firstly they can help rebuild the village. We have enough people to keep guard over them. This will greatly accelerate the rate at which we are finished. What are you going to do now? I don't want to pressurise you into anything, but there are still a gang of orcs at large with one of our children?"