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Turn #4 - Confrontations

After Sam's report, you talk about what to do. Sam says "I think that I should enter the camp and confront the bandits to try and extract their plans from them. I can trick them into thinking that there are a lot of us so they will be scared and more willing to talk."

Gwinn agrees, "Lets surround the camp and prepare our weapons while Sam confronts the bandits. At the first sign of trouble, we should attack to try and prevent any of them escaping. We should take them captive if we can, but if we must..kill them."

Nain shakes his head, "I don't think it is such a good idea since the bandits will probably just attack Sam and not believe him. I think that I should go with Sam and we should try and take them captive.

Lore nods at Nain's statement, "I think it would be best if Nain and Sam both went to confront the bandits. There is strength in numbers. Meanwhile Gwinn and I will wait in ambush ready to spring into action.

At these words you decide to put the plan into action. Gwinn and Lore set out to opposite ends of the camp cautiously so as not to attract attention. Gwinn moves stealthily into the shadows to escape notice, while Lore nocks an arrow into his bow and closely watches what will come.

When Lore and Gwinn are in position, Sam and Nain step into the camp. The bandits immediately reach for their weapons. Nain shouts "Stop! We have twenty archers surrounding your camp now and if you don't do what we say, they won't hesitate to fire at you."

The bandits look at one another worriedly and then reluctantly drop their weapons. "What do you want with us. We are but simple travellers."

Sam says "No you're not we heard you talking and you were responsible for the destruction of Rilwell. If it wasn't for you many would be alive now. We also know of your association with the orcs. Now tell us of your plans and those of the orcs who were your allies."

Looking very nervous, one of the bandits steps forward. He looks a very slithery character, one who would try to be on the winning side. "All right, you win. I'll tell you." The others look at him with hatred, probably at his ease at giving in.

"We were under orders from an orc chief to co-operate with the orcs and capture a boy from that village. He was wanted for a special reason, but I don't know why. Now the orcs have taken the boy from us to get all of the credit from the chief. I think that they just used us from the start because we knew where Rilwell was. I don't think they had any intention of paying us for our services. The orc camp is not far from here, just a little North from our current position. If you follow the path up yonder you will arrive in a few hours."

At that the closest bandit pulls a knife from under his cloak and stabs him fatally. "That'll teach you to give us away you pitiful worm. Now for you," he turns to face Sam and Nain, "I don't believe you and I don't think I've got anything to lose by being killed any way!" With that he lunges towards you with his knife. Just as you prepare to defend yourselves, the man falls dead with an arrow in his back and a spear in his heart.

"Any more of you want to resist?" Gwinn shouts from the cover of the trees. The bandits show no more signs of resistance.