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Turn #3 -

Lore looks throught the trees to see how many bandits there are in the group. He can see about 6 men huddled around the fire. They don't seem to have very effective weapons, only daggers and a couple of bows are in clear view.

Lore faces the group and says "It appears there is more here than meets the eye. The Uruks intend bad things for the boy and we must save him." He stops and thinks for a moment. "I think that these people are mere bandits who are in over their head. We must take them alive so that we can try and get some information from them. Perhaps our hobbit friend can help?"

Sam replies, "I agree. I will easily be able to sneak around the perimeter and get a clear view of these loud humans. After I find out more about this group, I might be able to lead them to you so we can set a trap."

Nain says, "I agree as well. We must capture one of the bandits alive so we can question him. When we get the information about where the Uruks have taken the boy we must follow hard, since Uruks can travel for long periods of time without sleeping. From the way the bandits were talking, the boy doesn't have much time left. I wonder who this master is?"

Gwinn stands ready for any conflict with her sword drawn. She remains almost unseen by all except those that know she's there.

Sam leaves quietly and blends in with the scenary to go and search for any other bandits and to get a better look at the ones around the fire.

When Sam has left Nain says, "Once Sam returns we should set a trap for the bandits. I have a plan that you should consider. Because the bandits are made up of a small group, I believe that one person should go ahead and talk with the bandits. The rest of us should remain hidden around the bandits camp and can be ready with our missile weapons if needed. This way the bandits won't know our number and we can persuade them to give up and talk."

In the meantime, Sam is searching the area looking for any clues. After searching the area surrounding the camp and finding no trace of other bandits, he sneaks up to the camp to get a closer look. When he gets close enough, he hears what they are saying.

"Well we're in a right mess now. The orcs have taken most of our weapons and equipment, and the rest of the group are further North from here. We're going to have to travel a bit to catch up with them..."

Sam leaves to report back to the others what he heard. When he has returned and you know their number, their armourment and their plans, you are left with the question of what to do.