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Turn #2 The forest

Nain approaches the village leader and asks, "Were any prisoners taken?" "I'm not sure", replies Brynn the village leader. Just then a tall, worried looking man steps forward, "My son isn't here. I haven't seen his body either so I am hopeful that he is still alive."

As Lore tries to console and help the villagers overcome their grief, Nain suggests to Brynn that the people get motivated. "I suggest you extinguish the fires, and start to tend the wounded. If you intend on staying here, you should post some guards and keep an eye out for any suspicious characters."

As the villagers get to work sorting out the village, Sam surveys the desolation with puzzlement in his eyes. "I just can't understand how anyone can do such a thing to such a beautiful village."

Gwinn examines the destruction with a strange look on her face, as if she is remembering dark memories, and tells the group, "I've seen this before, rampant destruction, killing, stealing..." A firm resolve then seems to pass over her face.

The group come together. "We must help these people and end this reign of terror," Lore says to you.

"Yes," Gwinn agrees, "We must track these Uruks and make sure they cannot attack again."

We must be careful though, as Uruks can still operate in sunlight without ill effect," Nain adds.

A look of determination enters Sam's eyes, "We must do something about this evil act and avenge the people of Rilwell."

The man who was talking to Nain earlier approaches you. "Please get my only son back for me. He was all I had left after my wife died. Why anyone would want to kidnap him is beyond me."

As there is virtually nothing left of Rilwell, you decide to leave immediately. Gwinn studies the tracks thoughtfully. They are difficult to make out because of the disorganised way the attack was made in, but you can safely say that there were at least twenty attackers involved.

The night air is cool and refreshing as you start the journey southward to the nearby forest. The countryside in the remaining area has also suffered from the attack, with the unnecessary destruction of the foliage by the orcs. You get closer to the forest, made up of evergreen trees and a light drizzle starts slowly soaking everyone. Soon the night breaks into day.

After a short journey you finally arrive at the forest. The trees are densely packed together and darkness looms inside. You can see a small mud track enter the, by now, dripping evergreens. Even with the rain, the forest still holds an unpleasant, filthy smell. Readying your weapons and taking a deep breath you plunge into darkness.

After your eyes get used to the dim light you see the footprints you were looking for in the mud. After following for what seems like an eternity, you see a red glowing up ahead. After discussion, you decide to approach with caution. As you get closer you see that the red glow is in fact a fire with a small group of men sat around it. They look tired, and unhappy. Everyone moves closer to try and overhear the conversation.

"...scum orcs stink! We should have never decided to ally with them. We could have easily raided that village by ourselves, without their help. All they've done is left a nice track for anyone to follow."

"Yeah, I agree. Now they've taken that boy from the village to the camp and got all the credit for it as well."

"What I want to know is why they wanted that boy?"

"I heard one of the filthy orcs mention about one of _His_ men high up, needing someone for some great plan or something. All I know is he's going to have a rough time for the rest of his life, which I reckon, will be not too long..."