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Turn #1 :- Introduction

It was approaching dusk when Sam, Gwinn and Lore approach the quaint village of Rilwell. The full moon was rising and the sky was clear. The lights of the dwellings ahead attract the attention of night moths. As the companians enter the village, the sign of The Blue Falcon Tavern catches your attention. Gwinn and Lore dismount the horses that they aquired at Rivendell, while Sam dismounts his small pony.

The inkeepers son, Mat, takes your horses and stables them for the night. The travellers enter the inn and Lore orders three rooms. After surveying the room and not noticing much apart from a few villagers enjoying a drink, you find a table in the corner of the inn.

A few moments later, the innkeeper, by the name of Master Flint, approaches your table nervously as he is obviously not used to such travellers and takes your orders of food and drink. After about half an hour, you feel contented after the fine meal that was provided. The subject of conversation moves over to the task in hand. As Lore starts explaining how he first heard of the 'beast' that is supposed to haunt the forest nearby, Sam notices a strange looking figure watching them. When he finds he has been noticed, he leaves the inn quickly.

Suddenly the door to the inn is thrown open, and a small bearded figure enters the inn. He looks around, and noticing only one person with distinctly pointed ears, he approaches your table. His gruff voice gives him away to be a dwarf, "My name is Nain and I have been to Rivendell in search of answers and have been directed to you."

Nain explains how his father was ambushed and killed by trolls, and how he wishes to avenge his fathers death. Gwinn tells him that they will be able to help, but once they have found and hunted this 'beast'. Nain showing enthusiasm at being able to help the peoples of the nearby villages is quickly accepted into your group.

The party, after having travelled for weeks to get to Rilwell, retire to bed to meet deep sleep almost immediately


"HELP!!", is the sound you are awoken to as you are dragged back into conciousness. The group quickly set themselves to arms and leave their rooms, to be engulfed by smoke and flames. Quickly getting down on your hands and knees, you are able to avoid choking and manage to escape the inn. The scene outside is the same for all of the buildings. The night sky is lit up red with the colour of flames. You hear women crying and see a few dead bodies scattered on the ground, one of them being the innkeepers son. Blood stains the walls of some buildings, and you notice that the horses have been slaughtered.

"What has happened!" asks Nain to one of the women. "It was an attack. It just came by surprise and the attackers left as quickly as they came." The woman points out tracks in the mud, leading towards the forest. As you go to inspect the tracks more closely, you see a group of torches approaching the village. Grasping your weapons, you get ready to fight until you realise it is a group of villagers.

The leader looks weary and has blood spattered on his face. "We nearly caught up with them before they entered the forest," he said breathlessly "but we dare not follow anything in there. There were Uruk and human tracks leading to the forest. They have destroyed our village and we are left helpless. What can we do?"